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The school

Come and meet us at the Burton Store Avoriaz located 3 place centrale (next to the cinema).

We have permanence during public holidays from 6 to 7pm on Friday and Saturday night.

Group lessons

Group lessons runs Monday to Friday, call us for more information !! A minimum of 3 people is required to open a group. However if less than 3 people the course will take place at the same price over 4 days instead of 5.

9am to 11am : Level 1st Timers (beginner) & Starter (3-6 days of snowboarding)

11am à 1pm : Level Star (2-4 weeks of snowboarding) & Master (can ride everywhere) and Expert

2pm-4pm or 2pm-5pm : Depending on requests and availabilities.

Tarifs : 245€ per session (5x2h) / 199€ (4x2h) / 50€ (2h)
mini 3pax / maxi 7pax (5 pax max for 1st Timers)

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Private lessons

Every day depending on availabilities.

1h : 79€ (10€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

1h30 : 115€ (15€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

2h : 150€ (15€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

2h30 : 185€ (25€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

3h : 220€ (25€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

4h : 290€ (25€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

6h30 (Full day) : 460€ (25€/extra pax/Max 3pax)

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Kids lessons starting at 3

Because we aim to share our passion to the kids, we accept them starting at 2-3 years old As they get tired faster we just adapt the lenght of their lessons. Until 4-5 years old, we only teach on private lessons. We accept kids from 5years old on small beginners group lessons depending on availability.

We can also provide first timers lessons around 5pm with boards included. Only via reservations. Please contact us by email for more details.

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We offer you a special package for splitboarding lessons. Burton splitboard and accessories are provided in this course. We offer half a day lesson (3 hours) to get a first feeling or discover new routes in Avoriaz !

255 € for 1 pax
320 € for 2 pax (160€/pax)
375 € for 3 pax (120€/pax)

Burton stuff included : Full Splitboard and accessories excepted snowboard boots

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Local heroes

We offer season plans for young locals. They have the availability to join a 2hour lesson every week-end excepted during public holidays to learn and progress with us. This course is composed of 12 sessions in total during winter.

Price Full season : 450 €
Price One session : 50 €

For more details please email or call us directly !

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Our story

Fred & Johann have met each other at Avoriaz Snowboard Club about 20 years ago. At that time (1997) Fred was Johann’s coach at the snowboard club and many kids were up on the podiums during french championships.
Fred is full of experience as a snowboard instructor and Johann has finished his Ski/Snowboard instructor diploma in 2016. In between, Johann collected a few podiums in half pipe world cups and a semi final appearance at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.
Both found of snowboarding they met again in March 2016. Avoriaz being the major Freestyle scene in Europe since the 90’s, the need to get a proper snowboard school was obvious. The Avoriaz Snowboard School was created this summer.
Our aim is to provide you with a thriling experience with the best snowboarding instructors so you can learn fast in a fun & playful environment.

Johann Baisamy

Born 18th of May, 1989 in Evian Les Bains
DE French Snowboard instructor & professionnal snowboarder since 10years

At ease with beginners and experts, Johann will share with you his experience as a professionnal snowboarder to highligt the thrill of snowboarding at every level.

Half-Pipe specialist, he loves everything in snowboarding and will adapt to all your demands ! Multy times half-pipe french champion, world cup podiums finisher and semi finalist at 2014 Sochi olympics, Johann will be teaching only during selected holiday times.

Fred Vulliez

Born 15th of April, 1970 in Evian les bains
BE Snowboard instructor since 1991.

Fred is probably the most experienced snow instructor in Avoriaz. Knowing every little part of the resort, he has all the skills to make you progress fastly.

Very at ease in Freestyle & Freeride terrain, he is one of the few instructor that can explain and show a move correctly. Fred’s talent led him to train south korean instructors and to participate in World snowboard instructors championship in Finland.

Aluan Ricciardi

Born 26th of October, 1987 in Vera Cruz (Brazil)

DE French Snowboard instructor & 10years professionnal snowboarder experience.

Always smiling, Aluan will provide heat and good mood during your snowy trip in Avoriaz. Also Half-Pipe specialist, he’s good in every aspect of snowboarding.

With a strong competition background (Olympian, Top 5 Euro X Games), he will support your progression in a fun oriented way !

Stephane « Shérif » Meillat

Stéphane is a very good rider and instructor with great background. After being the Half-Pipe’s Sherif for 10 years (as a shaper for Avoriaz Snowzone), he decided to share is passion of snowboarding by obtaining the Swiss snowboard instructor diploma. This allowed him to obtain his Carte Professionnelle in 2019 and join our team ! He loves to teach to the kids but he is also a great montagnard holding a diploma in both climbing and middle mountain guiding. This will allow him to bring you to great freeride lines in security !

Guido Ascioti

Guido joined us in 2018 after several seasons spent in Avoriaz and Les Deux Alpes teaching snowboarding. I think I have never seen him not smiling ! Holding the Italian diploma and Carte Professionnelle, he will make you progress in a fast and enthousiastic way. He his also a surf addict and spends his summer time in the water getting ready for winter !


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